…in honour of the star of next week’s show…!

We thought we’d just remind you all why you have to love Gene Wilder! Here we go…

1. The Young Frankenstein [1974]

Personally, this is my favourite Mel Brooks creation – partly because of my love of the original ‘Frankenstein’ (which is one of the reasons we screened the 1931 Frankenstein as our inaugural event, way back in 2009!).

2. Stir Crazy [1980]

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor were just so good together!

3. The World’s Greatest Lover [1977]

Ok, I don’t think this is Wilder’s finest hour, but there are some pretty silly moments, that just can’t fail but make me laugh in this. Who is the world’s greatest lover? Why, obviously…

4. The Producers [1968]

From one of Wilder’s weaker performances to one of his most memorable – a possibly the most widely praised collaboration with Mel Brooks.

5. The Frisco Kid [1979]

Surprisingly, the chemistry between Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder works well. A slightly unusual, but very strong performance from Wilder, too!


…so… after all of these reminders, who could resist coming along to our screening of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory next Sunday, to see him in his most memorable role, as the great man himself?

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
Sunday 26 August, 2pm
Tickets £6 adults/ £4 children
Advance booking strongly recommended. Telephone Newhaven Fort for tickets on 01273 517622, or reply to this email for more details.

The Filmspot team has enlisted the help of carpenter and designer Adam Prior, from Torbay, to create over-sized lollipops, candy cane vines and tea cup bushes to dress parts of the fort into a temporary ‘candyland’. Talented animation student, Martyna Dawidoska, is creating special projections, based on the colourful musical, which will be located in the underground tunnels at the Fort. A cast of unusual characters will be helping Filmspot out around the fort, including a magician, some oompa loompas – and even the great man himself.
A Wonka-themed treat is included in the ticket price, and these have been sourced by Sweet Moments in Seaford (http://www.sweetmomentsuk.co.uk)
…so to finish up, here’s a lovely clip of Mr Wilder at his finest!
We hope to see you all there!