Let Gene Kelly dance those blues away..

Maybe it’s the cold weather that just seems to be going on and on without end, but everyone around these parts seems to be suffering from the doldrums! Well, I have the antidote, and that is… a good dose of Gene Kelly film clips to cheer you all up!

Tap dancing! Singing! on Roller Skates? … and why not? From ‘It’s Always Fair Weather‘.

Taking on La Belle Epoque… in unusually attired style! Kelly brings to life the character from Toulouse-Lautrec‘s ‘Chocolat dansant dans un bar’.  From the wonderful ‘An American in Paris

I could have included the original ‘sitting dance’ clip, which is just superb, but Volkswagon gave it a fresh twist, in their Jetta ad.

From an early film, Cover Girl, Gene Kelly appears to have been served… by himself.

Somehow we always manage to fit the Muppets in somewhere. Here is Gene Kelly in a peculiarly moving performance, with our favourite fuzzyfilm stars!

…well, all that’s just for a warm up! Ready for more toe-tapping? We can’t wait for our screening of the wonderful *Singin in the Rain* at Devonshire Park Lawn Tennis Centre on 6th April. It’s part of our ‘Golden Age of Hollywood‘ weekend, and we’ll also be showing the wonderfully dark *Sunset Boulevard* on Friday 5th April.

Tickets are available from here for Singin in the Rain or here for Sunset Boulevard

We hope to see you all there!